Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 04 Special Events Committee Meeting
Jan 05 New Member Training
Jan 10 Social
Jan 10 January GMM
Jan 10 After Glow
Jan 14 State Public Affairs Committee Meeting
Jan 18 Wine Down Wednesday
Jan 19 Community Impact Council Meeting
Jan 23 Craft Night Social
Jan 31 Board Meeting
Feb 01 Special Events Committee Meeting
Feb 04 Brunch
Feb 07 February GMM
Feb 07 Afterglow
Feb 10 Eat Drink Give
Feb 11 State Public Affairs Committee Meeting
Feb 15 Budget Planning Meeting
Feb 16 New Member Meeting
Feb 17 Coffee with (or without) kids
Feb 18 Cinderella Project
Feb 22 Fund Development Council Meeting
Feb 22 Ways and Means Committee Meeting
Feb 23 Image/Fashion Consulting Event
Feb 27 Community Impact Council Meeting
Feb 28 Board Meeting
Mar 01 Day at the Capitol
Mar 08 Special Events Committee Meeting
Mar 14 Social
Mar 14 March GMM
Mar 14 After Glow
Mar 20 New Member Project and Community Impact Metting
Mar 23 CORE- HHH Snack Pack Potluck
Mar 24 Meet the New Members Social & Wine Tasting
Mar 28 Board Meeting
Apr 02 Brunch
Apr 05 Special Events Committee Meeting
Apr 08 State Public Affairs Committee Meeting
Apr 10 Grant Application Review Meeting
Apr 10 Community Impact Council Meeting
Apr 11 April GMM
Apr 11 After Glow
Apr 13 Coffee with (or without) kids
Apr 15 CORE Easter Egg Hunt
Apr 19 Special Events Committee Meeting
Apr 24 Ladies Lunch
Apr 25 Board Meeting
Apr 26 CORE Stuff the Camper for PLC
Apr 28 CORE KITK activity at Roadrunner 5K Fun Run
May 03 Sustainer Spring Luncheon
May 03 Special Events Committee Meeting
May 09 Social
May 09 May GMM
May 09 After Glow
May 10 2017-2018 League Dues are due!
May 12 TAT Food Prep
May 13 State Public Affairs Committee Meeting Conference Call
May 13 6th Annual Touch-A-Truck
May 18 AJLI Annual Conference
May 30 Board Meeting
Jun 09 ODI Training
Jun 13 Annual Meeting
Jun 13 June Afterglow
Jun 20 CORE PLC Carnival
Jun 27 Recruiting Social
Jun 27 Board Social
Jul 16 Board Retreat
Aug 03 CORE Hospital Hospitality House Cleaning
Aug 08 Sustainers Stepping Out
Aug 08 Recruiting Social
Aug 22 Garden Party
Aug 29 Board Meeting
Sep 06 Wine Down Wednesday/Recruiting
Sep 12 September Social
Sep 12 September GMM
Sep 12 September Afterglow
Sep 21 Pre-CORE Dinner and Social
Sep 21 CORE: Painting at Pretty Lake
Sep 26 Board Meeting
Sep 28 E&T Committee Meeting
Oct 01 MSC Training
Oct 10 October Social
Oct 10 October GMM
Oct 10 October Afterglow
Oct 14 SPAC committee meeting
Oct 19 YWCA Full Circle Luncheon
Oct 21 Brunch
Oct 23 CORE at YWCA
Oct 24 Board Meeting/Board CORE
Nov 01 New Member Strengths Training
Nov 06 Marketing Committee Meeting
Nov 08 Wine down wednesday
Nov 09 CORE Coat Drive Set Up
Nov 09 E&T committee meeting
Nov 10 CORE Coat Drive Set Up
Nov 14 November GMM
Nov 14 November Afterglow
Nov 16 Coffee Break Social
Nov 20 E&T/GA Confrence Call
Nov 28 November Board Meeting
Dec 12 General Membership Meeting
Dec 20 Salvation Army Toy Drive CORE
Dec 21 December Board Meeting

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